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Saturday, August 18, 2007

my saturday..

i went to take my blood test results this morning..
thank god i am overall healthy..=)
except that i have low blood pressure and low sugar level..
so basically i have to do more exercise to strenghten my heart
who want to play badminton better ajak me ya! lol..
and eat more food..healthy ones!
according to the nutritionist i have to eat like every 3-4 hours
especially heavy breakfast cos my metabolism rate is quite high..

in the afternoon i went to Equatorial Hotel in KL
for the launching ceremony of G1 JPM Racing Team
who races for charity during the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race!
must support our family members ma..hehe
it will be held on 25aug from noon till midnight - 12hrs continuosly..
at Sepang International Circuit..
they will donate a few thousand ringgit for every lap they finish..
hopefully it will be podium finishes again..=)

Dato' Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil was the VIP invited to lauch it..
i got to shake hands and have a picture taken with her..
thanks to my big
she's a very nice lady who is also passionate about motorsport!

L-R: cousin jee, sharizat, rueben, my bros haw, shyang n i

G1 team drivers, sharizat n chairman of motorsports
my bro taking pic of ze wei *they are such posers cos i ask them to be so* XD
with car no.17 nissan skyline
with car no.19 porsche
it's a family affair..only young ones are in the pic!
uncle pyng and cousin pinn being interviewed

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