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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

of american movie and taiwanese series

holidays have been a week..
what have i done so far?

i went for two bowling try-out sessions..
lost to 2 different guys who i went with, Damien and Ickes!
i need a lighter ball.. i need an 8!

i also read a book in a day.. 500 pages, no joke..
i watched a movie with Melissa, Joo Yong, Shing Lung and
believe it or not, my long lost primary schoolmate Shaun!

we watched State of Play..

it was a pretty abrupt decision made at the counter..
as other shows we initially wanted to watch were out of our schedule!
all we knew it was about crime and nothing else..
we did not what to expect or anticipate..
but the movie was really really good!

the main characters.. clockwise:
Ben Affleck, Robin Wright Penn, Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams

senior reporter Cal McAffrey and junior reporter Della Frye

things revolved around Congressman Stephen Collins

Helen Mirren as the boss Cameron Lynn meeeting with the cops

digging for answers..

the wife of his close friend whom he slept with last time..

the entire movie started out with 3 deaths..
and these journalists are out to report the truths..
drama eventually unfolds intelligently in front of us..
a puzzle for us to solve, easy to understand.. =)

i also watched a drama in a week..
there was only 12 episodes i think.. short, simple and sweet!

ToGetHer a.k.a. Superstar Express / 爱就宅一起 *click*

starring Rainie Yang as Momo..
the girl whose name nobody can remember..
whose presence or absence is often forgettable..
whose life revolved around her favourite comic and its character..

Prince Casaba.. her fantasy and her life!

until one day, Mars starred by Jiro Wang stepped into her life.
not only as her classmate but her housemate as well!
Mars, a has-been celebrity who lost the status of his..
but who still has fans adoring him..

Mars singing with his band, formed before he was famous..

not forgetting Momo's childhood friend, Jia Sen..
who never grew up since the day they met..
a soon-to-be successful swimmer who is likes Momo very much..
George Hu played this character pretty well.. =)

Jia Sen and Momo during his birthday in the zoo..

hatred towards each other became love and care..

Mars singing the song 默默 specially written for her, Momo..

watch their ups and downs.. pretty good on-screen couple! lol..

watch the trailer and enjoy the show!

that's all for now.. =)

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