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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

semester 1: life as a dental student

wow! time really really flies~
i am now on my 4-week semester break..
so the next time i step into my university, i'll be in semester 2!
according to our seniors, we'll have a hell of a time!!!
i got to be really prepared.. FIGHTING~~~

anyway, i realized that my recent post are about outings and food..
so many pictures of food that reminds me of Chun..
go and have a look at his blog and you'll know why.. hehe..
but i did not do it on purpose, i swear!

i shall change it a little this time around..
just a sneak peak of some of the things i learned in Semester 1..
excited to know? i have tried avoiding posting some pictures..
just in case my friends who don't take biology can't take it.. haha..

for Foundation part I, about 2 hours of morning lectures daily..
we basically touched the surface of all the systems in our body..
each system takes around a week to cover..

the very basic cell structures and their functions

enzymes (blue) and substrates (yellow)

skin structures: thick and thin skin seen here..

muscles of the body: muscle fiber is shown..

joints of the body..

haemopoiesis which means formation of blood cells..

lymphatic system: only the head and neck region is seen here..

the thorax region..

our heart and cardiac cycle..

respiration: its structures and mechanism..

urinary system.. i think this kidney is pretty.. hehe..

the digestive system.. i like large intestine the best..

ovulation.. this is awesome! only happens once a month in females!

fertilization.. we saw videos of this.. super funny!

cell division: late telophase under the microscope..

DNA karyotype..

not forgetting Biochemistry, Statistics and Behavioral Science..
there were no pretty diagrams for these topics.. so yeah..

up next is about Dental Science 1..
around 2-3 hours each day, 3 times a week.. =)

craniofacial embryology: this is us when we are 7-week old..

craniofacial osteology.. this is nice! =)

trigeminal nerve..

blood supply of the head and neck region..

muscles of facial expression and mastication..

triangles of the neck..

identify teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars..

every line on this mandibular second molar has a name!

tooth emergence for deciduos and permanent dentition..

formation of dental tissues.. enamel is seen here.. cool eh?

and finally salivary glands and saliva..

lectures aside, we also had Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions..
for semester 1 one session per week.. research takes time you see..
but for next semester, it'll be two session per week .. oh no!

there are also Medical Museum sessions on a weekly basis..
and occasionally lab work and clinic sessions..
i like these especially when there is hands-on work to do.. =)

i guess that's about it.. hope you enjoyed your journey..
cos i really did! can't wait for Semester 2.. =P
but happy holidays for now~

UPDATE: It's my final semester!

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kai aun said...

glad you guys love the sperm video. spent almost sleepless nights trying to get the video done during my IMS. and fortunately Dr. Daw and Dr. Jac love it.

and was pretty honored when Dr. Daw asks for the video to be shown to you guys again during her lecture. :D

Enjoy your break and brace yourself for Sem2!

yean said...

thanks for d video, kai aun!
it was pretty cool.. =)
can't believe u guys made it..

i thought it was downloaded from the internet our something.. lol..
great job anyway!

kai aun said... was from youtube...but as you know to copy from youtube and be able to play it using our normal media player takes some steps...and those steps really drove me crazy...

had to download so many converter to ensure the quality of the video is high enough to be displayed on the big screen :)

yean said...

ah~ icic.. it's good anyhow! =)

Annaleigh said...

Hey- where online did you find the drawing of the 2nd mandibular molar? I would love to have a pic like this for all of the teeth to study with! Thanks!

yean said...

hello annaleigh. i didn't find it online, it was from my lecture notes. my lecturer most probably scanned it from a textbook. =)