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Saturday, June 13, 2009

trip to Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan

sorry for the lack of updates my dears!
was kinda busy lately.. 2 exams in the span of 3 weeks!
so gotta revise for both dental and medical stuff.. =)

anyway, i am going to compensate by blogging on my last trip..
the day after my Dental In-Course Assessment..
5 families headed up to Kuantan, Pahang from 5-7 June 2009..
for a 3 days 2 nights stay at Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC)!
our main purpose was to play at the Waterpark.. hehe..

it is supposedly the biggest resort in the East Coast..
costing RM1 billion with all the advertisements everywhere..
from the radio, to leaflets and their website..
not to mentioned we booked this trip a month earlier..
thanks to them advertising their cheap and good trip here!

have a look at their pamphlets..

when we reached there, all our jaws dropped! like seriously~
they were still under construction for God's sake..
and the resort was meant to open on 6 June 2009, the next day!

the disbelief upon arrival.. after our 4-hour journey!

look at the amount of cars at the resort!

the construction trucks were still there.. so are the workers!

this front porch was completed at 10am, 5 hours before we arrived!

the next thing that greeted us after the front porch was THIS..
our swimming pool for the rest of the weekend! GAH~

adults talking to the Sales Director (lady in orange) at the reception..

my first impression towards the BGRC was just plain terrible..
they were to open 100 rooms on 5 June 2009
and another 100 rooms the next day together with the Waterpark..
apparently there were another thousand over visitors before us!

their rooms were not ready and we had to wait for like 3 hours!
we booked 5 family suites but they gave us some wrong rooms..
the first room we had was freaking dusty with only 2 single beds..
my cousins' room was actually occupied by some other people..

the only entertainment at that time was 2 clowns with balloons!

oh god, apparently their computer system was down..
so the staffs had to distribute the rooms manually!
since most of the staffs were new to the environment..
they are kinda clueless of the location of the rooms as well.. =_=
but they were trying to be as friendly as possible to frustrated guests!

then finally it was 7pm.. dinner time!
the guests were like gluttons.. everybody was rushing like mad..
they took mountain-high of rice, tons of chicken, fish etc..
some even took bowls and bowls of soup..
i saw one guy taking 1 chunk of banana they moment it arrived!

have a look at the insane people in the following video:

those inconsiderate people left many other guest without any food..
my family included.. luckily we had late lunch before arrival!
but as the saying goes: hungry people are angry people..
true enough.. there was this particular guy..
i saw him queuing from one side to another..
yet he did not manage to get any food..
so here comes the commotion!

he threw plates at the chef! not just once but twice~
like throw a plate, then a fork/spoon then argue argue argue..
with his hand going up and down, another lady joined him..
then he throw another plate 5 minutes later!

i wanted to go forward to take a video, but better not..
he looked like a freaking gangster..
the whole family looked and acted like 1 too..
everybody was stunned and practically staring at them!
after all that, he could actually smile while walking away.. fuyoh~
oh btw, those greedy people wasted plenty of food!
our families went out for dinner at Gambang town after that..

oh, they had Magic Show at 9pm that night.. it was a FULL HOUSE!
instead of watching, i went back to my room..
i studied Male Reproductive System with Marieb and my notes..
i totally thanked god that i brought it along at the 24th hour..
or else i would be screaming at my mum who made me come! =P

my bro was really angry earlier.. stomping his feet while walking..
because of him, who spoke to the manager..
in front of some white guy - some executive of BGRC..
we got a family suite almost instantly hehe..

the next day we saw these plastered on the walls..

so yes, all of us had a FREE half-day guided tour for 2 days!
21 of us were like the first big family to register..
first come first serve basis ma~ we occupied half a bus.. hehe..

so on Saturday, after lunch which was quite delicious..
btw, the variety and taste of the free meals improved every meal!
we headed for a tour around Kuantan! =)

my lunch was rice with chicken, beef, lamb, vege and fruit salad!

our first stop was a batik printing place..
have a look on how they put wax on the cloth for batik:

some of the tools used.. =)

a close up on the design of the aluminum "chop"..

hand painted batik are more expensive compared to dyed ones..

my family and friends shopping for batik stuff.. loads of them!

the next stop was the place were they make salted fish..
we were supposed to see the process of it being made..
but it was Agong's birthday, so even the buffalo took leave!

so all we got to see was the platform that is used to dry the fish!

off we go back into the bus.. to our next destination!

we headed to a beach, which name i cannot recall..
some triathlon event was to be held the next day..
so i saw a couple of hot guys checking-in their bikes.. =)
we spent only an hour there..
and we bought a lot of keropok lekor too.. hehe..

look how beautiful the beach is.. =)

i didn't get to use my swimsuit i bought just a day before.. T_T
cos i left my clothes and towels in the bus.. lazy to walk back!

cousin Shannon posing for the camera..

after that we went to Kuantan town itself..
our bus just took a 5 minute drive, one turning and that's it..
that was how big Kuantan is.. =P
the lake was really pretty.. we should take the ferry next visit!

we were back to the resort by 5.30pm..
we asked permission to have a look at the state of the water park..
permission granted to the supposedly restricted area..
we were then followed by another few groups of people.. hehe..

after a 5 minute walk: the entrance.. looks like a bungalow!

the road further up.. not accessible at all..

zoomed in view from the side of the entrance..
and part of the water park was meant to open that day? i see mud!!!

we played with bubbles after that..

after dinner and shower, we retreated to my friends' room..
to play games and watch Madagascar on TV2.. hehe..

thinking of startegy during some maths board game.. =)

the 3rd and last day arrived, we visited Sungai Lembing town!
we were lucky to get back the same tour guide..
Uncle Francis was great, he gave pretty detailed explanation~

first thing we did upon arrival was to eat..
most of the food were sold out when we reached at 9am..
it's funny to see like 3 buses in a row entering such a small area!

this pak cik sells Apam Balik.. 3 for RM1 only!!!
very yummy and cheap! i bought like RM5 worth of it.. =P

me with the very old Shell petrol pump.. too low for me!

my cousin's family with a lovely i-forgot-the-name hill..

some river just right opposite.. nice! ^^

next stop was the Sungai Lembing Musuem.. mining artifacts inside!

at the entrance.. lovely weather..
exactly like those in 1900s cos it drizzled a little..

Sungai Lembing was a major producer of underground tin..
a mine area even before Kuala Lumpur existed..
during heyday, the mines were the largest and deepest in the world!

us crossing the bridge..

the view from the bridge.. what used to be a river..

and finally our last stop of the day.. souvenirs!
well, not exactly.. more like buying salted fish and stuff..
you'd be surprised by the number of people in there.. hehe..

my youngest bro, mum and dad with a variety of ikan bilis..

people selecting salted fish of their choice..

shark cartilages.. anyone?

interesting way to catch flies.. disgusting ain't it?

time to taste food!

anyway, when we were back to the resort..
we saw an extra attraction for kids, just in case they are bored!

the girls and a boy.. hehe..

group picture before leaving the place.. must leave some memory!

we'll be back the end of the year when BGRC is R-E-A-D-Y!!!
it's a complementary stay for us the next vist too.. =D

headed back to KL and was stuck in a jam..
right in front of the Raub/ Kuala Lipis exit along the highway..

our car was filled with laughter all the way..
it was also my first time seeing a long queue in the guys toilet! haha..
that's about it for the so-called worst yet best trip ever! =)

update:// check out my next visit to BGRC here!

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Anonymous said...

james from singapore, i would like to add you as my friend or pan friend..hope u dun mind ya.. i really enjoying your trip to bukit gambang...really wish u can tell me more aboout the trip..wish to go ter soon..


yean said...

thanks for reading bout my trip..=)
but sorry, i won't add people i don't know..
for now, the bukit gambang waterpark is not fully ready, give it another few more months.. it'll be great!
nway, i blogged more or less bout my trip, n i suggest u hire a local tour guide to take u arnd d state..
u'll get to see n experience more! =)

Anonymous said...

Love how u blogged about your trip! My family had plans to go to Bukit Gambang Resort City this month....we will definitely postpone!

Eyna's said...

Pantai Teluk Cempedak

yean said...

anonymous> thanks for reading.. n yes, u really should postpone it!

eyna> d name of d beach, thanks for d info~ =)

kassim selamat said...

i didn't know about this place until my wife got the advertisement flyer from her friend in US... imagine that! since then she has been nagging about going there. but i just forwarded your link to her. sure this will make her think twice... or at least postpone :p

yean said...

kassim> wise decision.. =)

Anonymous said...

Do you think the two-room family suite is worthied for RM152K?

yean said...

anonymous> sorry, i m not really sure bout d property pricing.. d family suites we had were not bad though, better get the ones on d lower level.. d water pump pressure was better.. =)

Anonymous said...

hi planning to go there myself in a few days time. any idea about the local bus services available from kuantan to gambang town?