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Thursday, November 1, 2007

witch yoo hee

it's november already.. how time flies!!
i have been to college for 10 months.. oh my..

i have just finish watching yet another korean drama..
if you think i am a movie freak, you got it right..
good for me cos i can learn more korean words.. lol..
anyway, this is it..

Witch Yoo Hee a.k.a Witch Amusement..

undeniably the cast, i can say, are quite hot..
both female and male..=)
except for the horrible looking father of the main actress..
really feel like punching him.. hehe..

if you are a big fan of Han Ga In, Jae Hee and Dennis Oh..
and love French cuisine.. i'll give you the green light..
p/s: Dennis Oh is super hot in here plus he can cook..
way better than in Sweet Spy!! *drools all over*

but i highly recommend fans of Kim Jeong Hoon,
yes, he is the lovable Prince Yul of Princess Hour fame..
to think again if you want to watch this drama..
cos he is a total jerk here and it'll ruin his Prince Yul image..

here's some spoilers.. total make over from a witch..

oops.. wrong picture..

a very mean workaholic who often gets rejected..

to a much sought after beauty..

cool eh?
the same person can look completely different
in different styles.. =)

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