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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

long night..

i have something to say out loud..

take a guess what time i slept and woke up?
a) 9.10pm on 13nov, 11.50am on 14 nov
b) 11.40pm on 13 nov, 5.30am on 14 nov
c) 2.30am on 14 nov, 8.10am on 14nov
d) 5.40am on 14nov, 12.30pm on 14nov

if you choose d) as your answer..
you got it right!!
it's the latest time i ever slept or woke up
for my entire life.. *nothing to be hyper about*
so no present for you la.. hehe

i seriously think i am suffering from insomnia..
not only i couldn't sleep,
i even woke up few times in the middle of the night
for the past few days.. gah!!

last night's, i meant this morning's not-so-beauty sleep..
was entirely because of caffeine overdose..
because i drank 1 cup of coffee for supper..
by the time i finished the drink, it was nearly midnight!
i even had french-toast and kaya bread..
my poor body system had to work throughout the night!

so what i did after yamcha?
watch the "Timeless MV", "Anyband CF" via Veoh
and an episode of "Express Boy" via youtube..
i know it's an old series, even the pretty lead actress..
she's Xu Wei Lun - passed away early this year..
but since the response to the series was good..
just like "Devil Beside You", i gave it a try..=)

Express Boy / 恶男宅急电

Devil Beside You / 恶魔在身边

after that i tried counting sheeps to sleep,
which eventually failed..
the Mr Bean episode really exaggerated it!! grr~
so i read 2 copies of seventeen magazine..
seriously this mag is cool!
they have lots of interesting stuff.. hehe..

i even saw Boon Hau in one of the Oxy ads..
he's Mr Oxy/ Mr Confident from Summer Hunks 2007..
so jealous of his flawless skin!! =P

anyway, hopefully i can sleep better tonight! =)

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