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Saturday, November 24, 2007

my bros' lil something 01

just wanted to share something with you guys..
videos produced by my brothers
during some holiday workshop they attended..

to me, it's quite an achievement..
cos i don't know how to do any of them myself.. hehe..
they are indeed luckier than i am when i was their age..
if i were exposed to robotics when i was youger..
who knows i might take up engineering instead.. lol

my lil bro build his own props using lego..
i think the it's not bad..
except that his hand appeared in quite a few scenes! lol

" The Amazing Bubu VS The Warriorzzz"

i'll post my 2nd bro's video is the next post..
the space in this post is all taken up.. aikss!!

anyway, my lil bro also made some robots at home..
i think he made 3 of them..
he dismantled 2 before i could take a picture of them..
so, there's only one robot here..
this robot was programmed to move around
and pick up tiny balls..=)

haw's robot.. cute hor?

side view of the robot

even my lil bro knows things that i don't..
what a depressing fact.. =P

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