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Friday, November 9, 2007

yet another one down!

i have finished yet another taiwanese series..
*hyper hyper hyper*

Summer x Summer / 热情仲夏

the main reason i am attracted to watch this series
is Joe Cheng.. =)
Ethan Ruan is not bad either.. lol..
i don't really like the main actress - Cai Yi Zhen..
and the plot is just so so..
quite similar to Tokyo Juliet and ISWAK..

Summer x Summer is about this unlucky girl
falling in love with the "in" model of the season..
is basically about what they both went through
and the reality of modeling world..
they are not a good on-screen couple..
but the cast are quite good looking though..
recommended to those interested to be a model..=)

Tokyo Juliet stars Wu Chun and Ariel Lin..
it's about fashion industry and romance of cos..
and lots of love-triangles which kinda suck..
it's for those interested in fashion design!
it's Chun's first series.. that's why i watched it.. haha
but his pronunciation is not good..
somehow like banana talking.. plus his hair is terrible..
prefer his acting in Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess.. ^^

Tokyo Juliet / 东方朱莉叶

It Started With A Kiss a.k.a ISWAK
what can i say? lovely!!
i was first introduced to this by ting in form5..
about romance between a dumb gal and a genius..
everything is so lovely about this series..
Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng look so good together!
highly recomended!! i can't wait for ISWAK2..hehe

It Started With A Kiss / 恶作剧之吻

i am a movie freak.. can't deny it..
i'll still watch a movie even though people say it's bad..
cos i'll only judge it after i watched it..
you must be thinking what a waste of time huh? =P

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