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Saturday, November 17, 2007

fruitful day..

i was recommended to go Big Bookstore's wholesale fair..
so went to Atria to check it out yesterday..
the books there were freakin cheap!!!
since they are like practically everywhere..
i had to spend like 2 hours looking for books i want..
and i ended up with four storybooks..
all four only cost less than RM50!!
so untung la.. somemore brand new de.. haha

and i meet my Catholic High friends there too..
i saw Mei Xian first, greeted her and she was like
"you look familiar.. you were from CHS hor.. you are.. erm.."
now you know how i don't actually exist in CHS..
even my form2 classmate can't remember my name.. T.T
so obviously i had to introduce myself..
then later meet the rest of her gang, whom i know as well..
chit-chatted a bit.. and guess what they said?
i look different.. really meh?

later at night, went to Kayu to yamcha with BU gang..
long time no see!! they all look pretty much the same..
except that they are better looking and slimmer.. =)
everything went on quite smoothly..
lots of laughther and talking and eating..
except for the frequent interruption of cigaratte smoke!!
gah!! one thing i hate about open-air area..
those inconsiderate jerks!!
if they want to die early.. go ahead..
as long as they don't pull me along, i am fine with it..
i still got lots of thing to accomplish la! =)

one more thing i have to complain..
since when inflation started??
the roti tisu that i ordered was a hefty RM5!!
flour only increase few cents per kg..
but yet price per piece of roti tisu increased so much?
i can go Salmon Steak to get a yummy meal..
and even a free cup of ice lemon tea!
this is insanity!! who said going mamak is cheap?

and guess who i met at Kayu?
Adele Lee!!! at the counter..
i wasn't quite sure at first cos i thought she's at Nilai..
i looked carefully before waving to her..
she didn't recognized me at first..
cos my hair grew longer plus she wasn't wearing specs..
she took a closer look before saying "OMG! Meng Yean!!"
then, we talked for a while.. then she left..
her friend's curfew is at 12am ma.. XD
gosh.. it had been ages since i last saw her..
she's still as hyper as always.. haha..

so today, while i was still lazing in bed..
my dad went like "you are in 3rd batch for NS.."
i was like "really ah? how you know?"
"mummy went and check from the papers.."
cousin creamy and yun xin HAD to sms me about it too!!
my god.. IMMEDIATELY after A Levels i have to go for NS!!
final day of Finals is on June13 and off i go the next day..
i can't even personally get my results when it's out..
nor can i go for prom.. i think i'll never will..sigh..
and worst of all i can't go Korea after A Levels.. GAH!!
and chances are high that university courses starts after NS..

should i be depressed because of all these?
or be happy because i am going to meet new friends..
and get money for going camping? *wonders*

anyway, off i go to study!! =)

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