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Friday, November 30, 2007

random update!

**knocks on the screen could be heard**
so i guess it's about time to update..=)

i have been quite busy for the past few days..
asked any of my classmates and you'll know why..
MATHEMATICS homework!!

it's not that the lecturer gave a lot of work..
may be like at least 10 questions a day?
it's a very time consuming and nerve wrecking process..
so basically my time are mostly spent on
"trying to complete my maths homework but failed to do so"!
how depressing huh? T__T

but i have to jump in joy for today!
because i finally managed to answer an entire question
without touching the liquid paper.. hehe
*round of applause please*

Mr Karamjeet - my maths lecturer..
has been nice to us after months knowing him..
he still holds on to all his principles..
which is a good news but can be bad news at times..

like on wednesday, only 5 people were in his first class..
the rest, which included me, were shooed out of class..
for not completing 2 examples.. *shy shy*
we were summoned to do so the day before, you see..
so we have only ourselves to blame!
hopefully he won't report to my parents..
or i'll be minced meat!

today however, there was a big turn-around..
we made sure we completed the example before his class..
he was pleased of cos.. and as a reward?
he taught us a simple way of solving integration by part..
plus announcing that we'll be tested only for this chapter..
what a huge relief!!

anyway, for the past week, i have 1 conclusion to make..
A2 is like WAY HARDER than AS!
i'll take back my words if i ever mentioned
that "A Level is a piece of cake!"..
but i believe i have never said so..=P

oh, by the way..
remember to watch Miss World 2007 tomorrow night..
it's on Star World, Channel 711 on Astro at 8pm..

Miss World has been held in Sanya, Hainan Island, China
for i-don't-know-how-many consecutive years..
probably cos my grandparents' kampungs are there? lol..
Hainan Island is the big island below mainland China..
many times bigger than Hong Kong and Singapore!!

i have to admit Sanya is x1000 times better and
more beautiful compared to the kampungs..
i know cos i have been there 5 times already ok?
plus Hainan Island has improved a lot in the past 10 years..

but i wonder what made them attracted to Sanya that much?

i know that Miss Malaysia has a high chance of winning
since the first time i saw her face and read about her..
in the free copy of newspaper i got from college..
my instinct tells me that she'll make it to the top..
and she's one of the hot favourites to win the crown..
in one of the major betting sites! nice..
and guess what? she was from Taylor's.. =)

i present you..

Miss Malaysia Deborah Priya Henry
a beauty with brains, good health and heart!

if you are a guy, continue to drool..
and if you are a gal, continue to admire! ^^

to know who are the other contestants, click here!

now enjoy a short clip of Miss Tiffany 2007..
i am betting that all the ladies out there will be jealous.. lol
not only for their body and looks but their courage!!

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