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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Miss World 2007

somehow,i felt like blogging about this..
Miss World 2007.. which ended few hours ago..
i gave up going for S.H.E concert to watch this ma!
only yesterday i knew Fahrenheit is their guest artist..
*i am only a fan for Wu Chun not the rest* =P
my cousin offered me a rm60 free-seating ticket
but that's too far to see HIS face!!

hunky chun *drools*

ok, back to the topic..

*note: pictures up next are from the past month* =)

Miss Malaysia only made it into the semi-finals..
but it can be considered a success..
cos it has been ages since i have since a Malaysian
making it this far.. haha..
Deborah is of mixed parentage.. of cos la! XD

pretty hor?

anyway, the setting was amazingly lovely..
it's a wonder to know that even Hainan Island
can hold such a world class event..
what a shame for Malaysia huh? *that's my thoughts*
wait, Sanya IS an attractive tourist destination..
and definitely with no traffic jams..
that explains everything.. lol

here are the winners of fast track events..
they automatically qualify for the semi-finals!

Miss Beach Beuty:
Miss Domican Republic Ada Aimee De La Cruz

Miss Sports:
Miss United States Abigail McCary

Miss Talent:
Miss Ghana Irene Dwomoh

Miss Top Model:
Miss People's Republic of China Zhang Zi Lin

this year, the title Beauty with a Purpose
goes to 2 winners.. *they say special case wor*

Miss Hong Kong China Cheung Ka Yi
who helps old people and works in retirement homes

Miss Ecuador Valeska Saab Gomez
who helps people with a skin disease called ichthyosis..
a terrible disease a.k.a scaly fish disease!

top designers of the countries design the dresses..
and the World Dress Design goes to Korea..

Miss Korea Cho Eun-Ju wore the winning dress

i can't recall the other semi-finalist..
but you must be wondering who won huh?

i'll tell you the 2 finalist who did not made to top 3 ok?

Miss Trinidad & Tobago Valene Maharaj

she spoke the best among all finalist..
and even picked up the paper dropped by the emcee..
not chosen probably because she was bigger in size?

Miss Sweden Annie Oliv
the only white who made into the finals.. shocking!!

prepared for the top 3?
*drum rolls*

2nd runner up of Miss World 2007:
Miss Mexico Carolina Moran Gordillo

1st runner up of Miss World 2007:
Miss Angola Micaela Reis

and guess who's your 57th Miss World?

Miss People Republic of China Zhang Zi Lin

a Beijing native who spoke about her dream
of lighting the torch for Beijing Olympics 2008..
and if she ever win the crown, which she did..
she would be love to be the link of
Beijing Olympics 2008 and Miss World Organization!
and by the way she halted a lot while speaking..
*definitely politics are involved in the judgement*
but i still can't deny that she's such a lanky beauty!! =)

this is Zhang Ziyi

don't you think they both look a like?
they even have similar names! haha..

i enjoy watching beauty peagents..
especially this! don't you?
cos i get to see beauties from all over the world..
except for those from cover-all-up Islamic countries..
it's kinda sad cos they do have beauties there too!

anyway, next Miss World will be held in Ukraine..
and i am betting Miss Ukraine will make it to
the semi-finals at the very least ok..
if she's pretty enough and did lots of charity work! XD

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