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Thursday, December 13, 2007

movie and L

i finally watched Enchanted last night..
it's just a typical fairytale that takes place in the real world..
it is fine for the gals.. but definitely not a guy thing!
cos my brothers and cousin said that it's boring..
oh, and i saw MYfm deejay, Phoebe while buying popcorn!
thanks to Shannon.. haha.. but i don't like her song la..


can you spot where she got her dress materials from?

Giselle's first date.. love her name and her date!

i like this part of the show best.. =)

i love Pip the chipmunk.. so adorable!

the funny Prince Edward and his evil stepmum

anyway, i went for my first driving course today!
together with Hui Ting and Joanna.. ^^

my day started horribly though..
the instructor came to my house like 10mins after i woke up..
he was 15mins early mind you, i wasn't late..=P
so i had to rush with everything and skip breakfast..
after that we went to pick up people..
some malay guy, then chinese guy then Ting..
i wonder whether i would passed my driving with an
instructor who broke a lot of traffic rules in one morning! XD

during the supposedly 5hr long talk..
(waited like 2.5hours before it started and it ended at 3pm)
i dozed off a few times, cos my eyes can barely open..
haven't been waking up this early since holidays started!
i got so hungry although i ate Ting's biscuits beforehand..
so i ate energy-giving but fattening chocolates!
i did a lot of crappy stuff too.. hehe
lucky thing they gave us 30mins break..
or else i can practically faint/sleep there.. no joke!

and i haven't started Mechanics assignment yet..
due in 4 days..ALAMAK!!!

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