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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas people!!

i went for facial treatment few hours ago..
probably my Christmas gift from mummy? lol..

guess which part of the process hurt most?
pinching and pressing with high pressure on my face!
the rest was syokness.. even got shoulder massage! =)

and you know what the girl there said to me?
*to be read in cantonese*
"lei ge gong tong wah mm wui hou cha ah..
ngo meng bak lei gong ge ye"
hehe.. means my cantonese still can be saved!!

my entire face is filled with red polka dots now..
so i guess i won't be in any pictures this Christmas..
anyway, finally finished wrapping Christmas presents!
i am not a Christian but we so-called celebrate Christmas..
we exchange gifts among ourselves in the name of fun! XD

i wrapped these! except for the gold coloured ones..=P

if only Malaysia would snow like this during Christmas..

but snow can be terrible..
i remember the last time i went to Beijing,
the roads were covered with snow and were slippery..
we were stuck in a massive traffic jam for so long..
and we ate dinner at 2am in the morning! T.T

oh well.. i'll rephrase my words..
if only there is little bit of snow falling from the sky
in Malaysia during Christmas.. it would be great!

Christmas girls.. cute hor?

i wanna wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!
lets enjoy ourselves ok? *hugs*

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