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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

picture perfect!!

i was flipping through The Star last night..

and guess what i saw?

Siva in INTI advertisement!!

cool huh?
this is what you get for being a top student..=)

and a few pages later..

look familiar?

it's the car outside my chemistry tuition!

according to many students,
it belongs to Mr George, my tuition teacher! haha..
it has been there since god-knows-when!

ok, since we are talking about pictures..
take a look at this.. i took it about a week ago..

funny hor?

it was on a car parked next to yun xin's..
i love reading signs and car stickers, you see..
and that was the lamest i ever came across..=P

anyway, for the past two days..
bio and maths tests were killing me..
so my current mood is : DEPRESSED!!!

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