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Sunday, December 16, 2007

a day in mines wonderland

ok, this is my 50th post here! ^^

so guess where i went yesterday?
mummy had 12 free tickets from don't-know-where..
that's why.. or else i wouldn't even be there!
went there with my family and cousins' family..=)

Mines Wonderland is actually a night theme park..
it usually opens from 5pm - 11pm..
but since yesterday was Family Day..
they opened at 3pm.. good for family bonding huh?

but we reached there around 5pm..
thank god it was good whether at that time..
quite cooling and not even a single drop of rain! haha..
*it has been raining heavily for the past few days!*

our first ride upon entering the theme park was..
the Unity Train that goes round the park..
and it was freaking slow!
i think i can walk faster than it.. seriously..
at that time, i really wondered why i am even there?
didn't take and picture of it though..
cos i was busy wiping my bag with tissue papers..
my Tolberone chocolate melted in there..
such a waste of chocolates! =(

next it was the White Kingdom..
something like a zoo.. and it was depressing..
why? cos the animals totally ignore you..
no matter what funny noises you do.. *sweatness*

this whatever-animal is scratching its body!

the babysitter-of-the-day and his nephew..

next up was the Garden Boat ride..
it was definitely a mosquito-feeding session!
we played stomp-the-mosquito game throughout the ride..=P

the boat ahead of us

after that we went to the Secret of Tigers
basically it's an exhibition with air-cond..
none of us bothered to read.. just to enjoy the breeze!

the fantastic four aginst the tiger.. haha

look how cute the pictures of tigers are!

ooh yeah.. i haven't done this in ages!

after daddy's many attempt to get a shot of the white tiger..

our next stop was the Ice Factory..
i absolutely love this place.. best in Mines Wonderland!

baby Ivan getting some warmth..=)

nice and cold ice sculpture..

cousins' family in North Pole?

Great Wall of China.. i have been to the real one alright!

Ke Lok Si Temple of Penang and Twin Towers..

The Putra Mosque.. dad's only picture here.. hehe

some spring flowers in ice..

Beijing Olympics 2008

after that, we went for the Vintage Car ride..
mummy wonders what kind of driver i'll become..
i was crossing my legs *there's nothing to step on*
and turning the steering wheel 360 degress.. haha..

presenting the terrible driver of the first-car -in-line

later on we had steamboat for dinner..
and enjoyed the Featherman Show at the same time..
the Muruts of Sabah performed the Magnunatip Dance!
i was happily enjoying the show and guess what?

i was asked to dance, so i pulled my brother along.. haha

and we went for a second round of Ice Factory..
can't resist the syokness.. XD

the boys and the ice..

the slide was lovely! we sat in again and again..

my butt wasn't wet thanks too the freezing room..
cos the ice didn't melt like those in Snow World in Genting!

another round of dance before the Musical Fountain show..

the Musical Fountain is another must see..
cos it's sooo beautiful.. and Asia's best!
they even have Aqua Screen..
where instead of a LCD screen, water is used as a base..
but my pictures turn out badly cos it was too dark.. hehe

our last ride of the day was the Lake Cruise..
waited for a freakin hour before it was our turn..=(

the happy people..

our first boat trip to sea, i mean lake.. late at night!

see how bright our life jackets are!

the lake in Mines Wonderland was a mining area..
it is V-shaped and contains lots of fish..
no fishing allowed though.. why?
cos the deepest region is 650 metres!!
which is around one-and-a-half of twin towers!! whoa..

the group picture excluding daddy-the-photographer

mummy and i

my parents and some feng shui thing

peace to Mines Wonderland!

the Unity Fountain at the entrance / exit..

we spent like 6 hours there..
exhausted but first fun-filled outing this holiday..=)))

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