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Saturday, December 29, 2007


i have been thinking lately..
you know, people say Form 4 is the honeymoon year?
i guess whoever these people are..
they are SO WRONG!

Form 4 is the time where we should have decided
about our future.. like what we want to become..
cos the subjects we take will determine our next move..

i can say the safest choice is to take Pure Science stream
with additional Arts subjects.. why?
cos your choices remain very much open!
you can choose between Science or Arts stream in college..
if we take Arts subject in high school,
we can't pursue Medical or Engineering line in the future..
correct me if i am wrong, ok?

and before enrolling to colleges..
we must already know what we want!
do check out the undergraduate course requirements..
like what kind of qualifications needed and so on..
we have to be wise (unless your daddy is rich)
or else money will be spent unnecessarily!

and this is where MY mistake is.. =(

since daddy didn't allow me to take Accountancy..
i took A Levels, thinking it would lead me some where..
hey, everyone said A Levels is accepted in most universities..
but no one said a thing about the subject combinations!
even Mrs. Mary Ng did not give me the wisest advice.. sigh..

so i became a smart ass..
thinking 3 subjects - the minimum subjects that can be taken
is more than enough.. just in case i can't cope up with 4!
i happily took Biology, Chemistry and Maths for a year..

i always wanted to study overseas, you know..
and most of the time our definition of overseas meant
"The White Men's World", am i right?
but overseas include "Asian People's World" too!

Dentistry does not have a twinning programme here..
unlike Medicine or Pharmacy.. and that's a way sad news..
cos 5 years overseas will cost a BOMB!
so i checked out Asian countries' dental schools..
and guess what? they want PHYSICS too..

i just got lecture on why i should have took Physics..
Physics.. Physics.. Physics.. WHY PHYSICS?
is there such thing as express class for Physics only?
cos i might consider taking it if they do..

so, to those who yet to decide what you want..
as in those entering Form 4 and college especially..

and DO NOT make the same mistake as i did!
i am super duper depressed now.. =(((((

so sorry but thank you for reading my whining post!

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