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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!

2008 is finally here..
more challenges and excitement to be anticipated!

spent last year's new year eve with my family..
something i haven't done in years..
usually hanging out with my friends..
we had BBQ + potluck party at my house last night!

and we gave mummy a surprise birthday cake too..
thinking of her reaction.. it was so hilarious!
she was washing the plates with my aunt..
then she saw us bringing a cake into the house..
she came out in a split second and went like
"whose birthday today?"

we all started singing the birthday song..
and she popped out the same question again.. lol..
immediately after she heard her name in the song..
she was like "aiyo, no no no! not me la.."
when it's about things like these, my mum feels malu..
there's about 40+ people present?
but it's payback time.. lol..

us and the cake..=)

today, the 1st day of 2008..
i went to my camp mates - Keerath and Simrath's house..
first time being in a Punjabi's house..
lovely and cosy place, friendly and happy people..
Davinia and i were the only non-Punjabi present..
feels weird but i enjoyed myself!
thanks a lot to you three! *hugs*

later on, another first-time for me..
went to Little India in Klang with Davinia and her mum..
they had to make some Saree.. heard lots of Hindi songs..
the clothes on sale are lovely but costly! hehe..

no new year resolutions for me though..
even if you have one, i am betting nobody keeps it.. =P

anyway, just randomly did one quiz..

Who is your DBSK hubby?

You have Xiah! Xiah is the charming and has a warm smile that makes your heart all filled with his love. [He's my favorite. *wink*]
Take this quiz!

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reviously it was Hero Jaejoong in another quiz..
but i prefer this result though.. lol

Happy 2008 to all once again! =)

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