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Friday, January 18, 2008


*drum rolls*

i will present you..
the latest funky-looking College Planner 2008!
it contains monthly planner pages, pages for notes,
important dates and phone numbers..
we can contact the MBPJ or the embassies,order a pizza,
book a ticket for movies in GSC or for the AirAsia flight..
and even check on results for our lottery tickets..
just by looking at one page!!

cool leh?

Taylor's gave us for free..
ok, wait, NOTHING is free nowadays!

*i took that picture with Shi Wen's high-tech phone* =P

anyway, my point is..
why are the new intakes' students so lucky?
they get to have nicer complementary bags and shirts,
and much cooler and fun orientation day..
compared to my intake that is..
we were given an ok-looking calender each
sometime in April last year.. so late! @.@

so now, i guess i have to solute Taylor's..
for their overcharging but improved and efficient service!

oh btw, if any of you are buying anything from Speedy..
Speedy the CD store, i mean..
please get me their calender..
PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE and thank you..=)
cos i saw my H.O.T. Chun in their January page!
if you want to know how it looks like..
kindly go to Baker's Cottage in SS15 Subang Jaya..
that was where i first saw it on Wednesday..
and decided that i must have it.. hehe..

the kind Malay lady at the counter said that
i can get that particular page from her after January..
sweatness.. i want the WHOLE calender..
i won't mind if you give me that calender
for Chinese New Year instead of an angpao.. really! XD

now, put all these aside..
i am OVERLOADED with Maths homework..
my cute, funny but psychotic Maths lecturer..
dear Mr Karamjeet decided to give us tons of them daily!
and i have been trying (and delaying) to complete it.. sigh..

having IELTS exam tomorrow.. *gulps*
and AS results will be out on Monday.. *gulps gulps gulps*
sorry but i had to swallow that much saliva.. hehe..
hope for the best! =)

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