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Monday, January 14, 2008

1st trip to east malaysia!!

i have been away for a few days..
anyone missed me? i doubt so..

my family and i were holidaying with in Kota Kinabalu..
my first ever trip to East Malaysia! haha..
although we only visited a few places..
the journey was long and tiring..
slept most of the time.. =P

after a 2.5 hours of boring flight.. i finally see land!!

oh btw, we stayed in Hyatt Hotel..
it's super chun cos it's included in the AirAsia package..
5-star hotel for cheap fare.. jackpot!
forgot to take pictures of the big and comfy rooms.. hee..

we visited Karampunai Hotel..
a beach side 6-star hotel with a luxurious golf course..
i think 1 hour drive from the town area..
to get to town from there will cost you rm100+.. -__-

the Karampunai Resort

the beach

look how hardworking the crabs were..

close-up view..

the scenery was awesome!

i forgot where we went after that.. hehe..
but i do remember dinner!

we had seafood while watching cultural shows..
there were plenty of Koreans in KK..
and you should see how they ordered seafood..
like tons and tons of them! cheap for them huh..

our most expensive dish.. yummy lobster..

there's this ahjumma *Korean for aunty*
whom i still can vividly remember..
her actions was sooo cute and funny!
like screaming, clapping and dancing so enthusiastically..
during the cultural show.. XD

after dinner, we had fried ice-cream..
and then off to pasar malam..
surprisingly there was not even a single food stall!
i was expecting more food.. sigh..

next day, woke up way early in the morning..
just like any typical school day to leave for..

MOUNT KINABALU!! *this is like an hour drive away*

another 2.5 hours drive along the curvy road..
before spending 30mins taking pictures..
it was much cooler and mistier than Genting Highlands..

the adults..

the family..

the kids..

before the hiking with our guides.. we are such posers..

actually we can't go beyond the gate..
because we were unfit and unprepared..
so we just pinjam the sticks and backpacks to pose!
smart leh.. at least we came all the way for something..=)

we can never find spider webs like this in KL..

later on, we left for the Hot Springs..
along the way we took some pictures..

i absolutely love the breathtaking sceneries!

my bro with our van..

on the rocking bridge above the waterfall!

Hot Springs

it turned out to be a bathtub with pipes..@.@

but the water was really burning and has sulphur smell too!
it took us ages to get the tub half filled..

we went for more seafood and Sabah vege for dinner..
this restaurant has a wedding like setting..
saw more hot/handsome/pretty Koreans..
but with bad attitude this time.. haiz..

we spent the last day in the hotel room due to diarrhea..
we were supposed to go for snorkeling in Pulau Manukan!
such sad case.. the first ever trip i got sick.. T.T

that's all for this trip.. =)

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