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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

final college semester begins..

i have experienced few first-times today.. hehe

attended my first interview ever!
it was for Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London
held at Renaissance Hotel..

at the same time, 3 make-up brands held their events there
M.A.C, Bobbi Brown and Clinique..
the lobby was quiet at first, then all of a sudden..
it became a fish market!!
the non-stop chattering of at least 500 people?
they came in different shape, sizes and sex.. haha..
i kinda enjoyed their presence except for the smoking..
cos they calm me down with their funny actions!

ok, back to the interview..
i forgot my interviewers' names.. how terrible!
the female is something Baker, the male i have no idea..
they had this blue sheet of paper with guidelines in it..
anyway, the very first question asked was..
"why do you choose Dentistry?", as expected..

just to give you a sneak-peek of the questions..
but first, thank me for giving you hints of what to expect ok?

1. why do you choose Queen Mary?
2. do you know where the dental school is situated?
3. what's the economic status of the area?
4. what challenges will you face while serving that community?
5. which part of the syllabus attract your attention?
6. what are the setbacks of dentistry?
7. what kind of qualities are required to be a dentist?
8. what qualities do you have to be a dentist?
9. elaborate on your dental working experience.
10. talk about your experience on teamwork.
11. why this, why that based on your answers.

thank God they asked nothing about my studies..
i did ok, i guess..
just trying my luck.. cos the tuition fees is madness! =P

it was also my first time being late for the first day of class..
can't help it.. i didn't mean to skip!
i wore skirt/dress to college too.. another first!

first time, selling books to people..
usually give them f-o-c but this time can't la..
textbooks now cost a bomb.. and i need money!

oh, and i just realize one thing..
this is my first time typing so many
"first-time"s in a single blogpost! haha..*kena whack*
thanks and sorry for taking chee yin's copyrighted statement..

may i enjoy the last months of college life! =)

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