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Sunday, January 6, 2008

what an experience!

i went for my first driving lesson today..

i am so not used to the seatbelt on my right..
and driver's seat was kinda freaky.. haha..

changing gears, moving forward and backwards
was easy at first cos i was on a nearly empty road..
then my instructor was like "ok, lets hit the big road".


lucky thing no car hooted at me!!
at least i know Malaysian drivers are understanding..
the word "L" is too big to be noticed huh?

at times, i felt like i was blocking the road
when i was at the junctions and traffic lights..
very slow reaction, especially when lifting the clutch..
paranoid already cos my engine died like thrice?

by the way, bumps and U-turns are terrible..
i thank God no car was around me at those times!

the moment i got down from the car,
my legs were practically shaking!!
shouldn't the passenger be the one feeling this way?
i AM weird..

anyone interested to pinjam me their manual car?
you can sit next to me and watch me drive..
safety not guaranteed la.. must buy insurance first..
but i will drive real slow, maximum 50 km/hr.. can?
please..... *blink blink eyelids*

anyway, i just watched One Million Star on Astro AEC..
nice wey this talent show.. it's Taiwanese!
i think Pearly once told me i must watch it.. lol
they opt a different style of getting rid of contestants..
not like Malaysia, always copycat American versions..
and then turn out terribly.. =.=""

One Million Star / 超级星光大道

this were the contestants i saw..

the contestants look quite good.. their singing not bad!
they were being so emotional..
when one kicked out, one start crying, the rest cry along..
then i cry too! my tears flow quite easily.. no good la..

there was this part i find it so cute..
this 22 year old guy call "Small Giant" or 小巨人
he is quite short like 158cm..
so the host Matilda Tao go tease him la..
she asked another contestant, a 13 year old come on stage.
to compare both their heights..
the funny thing was all 3 of them were around that height!
they were like in some kiddie shows.. XD

the host Matilda Tao /陶晶瑩

oh, the advertisement says must watch the next episode..
or else don't say you have watched One Million Star ever!
so, try not to miss out the popular 2007 Taiwanese show..=)

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