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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so far this week..

AS finals results was released on Monday..
my entire class was frantically nervous that day..
i absolutely cannot focus during lessons..
i guess same goes to the rest of them,
especially during Chemistry class! hehe..

and so, the truth was unveiled..
i accept the fact but not very happy about it though..
CBAA for Thinking Skills, Bio, Chem and Maths respectively!
people say Thinking Skills don't matter,
but somehow it bothers me a lot.. C is an eyesore to me, ok?
it kinda hurt cos i have never receive anything less than a B
in my public examinations.. sigh..

since i have no plans of resiting any of the papers,
i really need to buck up to get straight A's..
do more revision and download less series to watch..
hopefully i can do that! =)

up next is about my driving lessons..
i have completed 12 hours of driving already..
just waiting for the test day to arrive..
but i feel like taking extra hours..
especially to improve the slope skills of mine.. hehe..

i noticed that every time i drive,
988 will play Fahrenheit's songs repeatedly..
i think they are nice, so it's ok..
but the most vivid ones have to be the advertisements
by Fahrenheit and TVXQ..
the former spoke in Cantonese and the latter in Chinese..
you should have heard them, so cute wey!

Fahreinheit / 飞轮海

TVXQ / 东方神起

we had a surprise birthday party for cousin Creamy..
i failed to persuade him to eat out last night,
so the gang of us barged into his house..
with the help of his mum of cos!
since he refused to come downstairs, we went up
while singing "Happy Birthday" with our cracking voices!

cousin Creamy overwhelmed by excitement..

the birthday cake from Baker's Cottage

the group pic excluding Kaka-the-photographer

girls on Creamy's bed

girls night out.. hehe

*thanks ting for the quality pictures!*

it was really fun last night..
although we spent the whole time crapping in his room..
Creamy, do enjoy your last few moments of being 18..
and i hope you had a pleasant surprise!!

p/s: Nanzi and i spent a lot SMS-ing,
so i hope you really did! =P

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