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Sunday, December 9, 2007

taiwanese series mania~

GTV - one of the tv channels in Taiwan,
will be airing the last episode of Romantic Princess
in a few hours! FINALLY i shall say..=)

it has been 3 months since the series started..
and mind you, the feeling to wait for an episode a week..
it's horrendous!! totally terrible, horrible and vegetable!!
somehow, watching them will cut off that feeling.. hehe..

it has an interesting and unique storyline..
with a happy ending, i guess.. so must watch oh!!

Romantic Princess / 公主小妹

Wu Chun and Angela Chang - lovable couple.. ain't they?

i still don't get why some say he's gay..
get it right, chun's H.O.T.

They Kissed Again will be airing next week!!
OMG!! OMG!! absolutely can't wait..
for your info, it is the sequel of It Started With A Kiss..
it'll be about the life of newlyweds and their honeymoon..
and obviously with lots of ups and downs.. hehe

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin make such a good couple together!
it also stars Jiro Wang, Tang Yu Zhe, Aaron Yan and more..

They Kiss Again / 恶作剧2吻

good screen couple.. real life? lol..

one of the kisses

Joe Cheng looks so hot with his new haircut!

if i ever get a doctor like him = brains + looks
i'll either get well right then, or get worse just to see him!

Fahrenheit members acted in both shows mentioned above!

another series i would like to watch is Bull Fighting..
it has been aired for a month already..
starring Mike He, S.H.E. member Hebe Tian and Lee Wei..
it's something about basketball but i am not sure
will be watching it as soon as possible!

Bull Fighting / 斗牛, 要不要?

Hebe and Mike

love Mike, hate the hairstyle..=P

that's all for this post.. happy holidays to all! ^^

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you got to be kiddin me
his hairstyle was awesome!
welll the one in why why love was better but still.. you cannot hate it aite