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Friday, December 21, 2007

Fire-up learning!!

i am finally back home!!
was at FIRE-UP LEARNING camp for few days..=)
it was held at Genting Permai Resort..
nice cold weather.. hehe

this camp is basically about teaching us
how to make learning FAST, EASY and FUN..
creatively and i mean serious fun!
and the speakers were Mr Jeya and Mr UV Wong!

we spent long hours sitting in a room during this camp..
but we had frequent tea breaks.. like 6 meals a day!
unfortunately the food wasn't yummy.. just edible..

group picture.. terrible photography skills! hehe

we started bonding quite well during the first day..
we stayed in 2 separate apartments..
one for gals and the other for guys..
7 people sharing a toilet! =P

i am not sure what happened in the guys' apartment..
but on the first night, in our apartment..
we all shared real life experiences till 3 in the morning!!
it was really interesting..
especially the idea of telling stories to strangers..
you'll feel comfortable and don't have to worry..
to them, people in the story are just some random people!
cos friends may backstab you when we are no longer close..

we even spied on the people from the opposite block..
they were so hyper and laughing like mad even at 1am!!
they were like rolling on the floor half naked..
i don't want to know what they were doing..
especially when there are guys and gals in there.. aikss!

the next day, we learned more techniques..
we had tally match too.. gals vs guys!
played 4 games altogether..
the giant slippers, passing of the hoola hoop,
throwing of dice then jump and the magic carpet..
after that guys played futsal in the tennis court..
while the gals went for swimming!

after supper, we were still hungry..
so we walked to the convenience store to buy more food..
but it was closed.. so we decided to walk to Gohtong Jaya..
2km uphill and then 2km downhill in 2 hours..
a lot of calories burnt! haha..

on the third day, learning went on..
and we had barbecue at night after dinner..
the only food available to be barbecued was honey chicken..
quite nice compared to what we have been eating! =)
Mr Jeya and Mr UV then showed us a few tricks..
but we managed to figure out how they did it!
there's no such thing as magic, only illusion.. hehe

the speakers with the girls

the speakers with the guys

on the final day, we were all restless..
the 1st person in my apartment woke up at 7.30am..
and the last was at 8.30am, so just imagine how long
we took to get ready! breakfast is served at 8am btw..
and the worst part is, we had to shower with cold water!

up next would be pictures of teams plus our masterpieces..
and it's the mind map of what we have learned in 4 days!

team 1: Devan, Shyang, Vinod, Jack, Danusha

team 1's mind map

team 2: Keerath, Yean, Wai Yi, Harsimrath, Yen Ling

my team's mind map

team 3: Garvinesh, Nicole, Tagen, Davinia, Melvin

team 3's mind map

team 1 was the leading team..
while Harsimrath had the most stickers among all!
but each of us receive a pressie cos we were all winners..=)


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