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Friday, December 7, 2007

last day of semester 2

year-end holidays are finally here!!
it is supposed to be good news, but it isn't for me..
i am currently feeling depressed..
that explains why i just woke up from my 5hr afternoon nap..
ok no, that's just part of the reason..
the other is because of me being extremely tired..
have late nights and early mornings taken a toll on me?

why am i depressed?
it all started during the last class of the year.. sigh..
Mr Karamjeet's class to be exact..
i'll cut the long story short..

reason no.1: maths test results.
i only achieved 1 mark more than half of the total marks..
which sums up to no A for this semester.. =(
the more depressing part is what Mr Karamjeet said..
" what happened?" =((((((

reason no.2: maths assignment.
i have around 4 weeks to complete it with my group..
we are supposed to present 6hrs worth of
lecture notes plus power point slides..
a lot of work and effort needed!
the idea of holiday homework is still acceptable to me..

it's just how "lucky" i am to be in the same group as XXX.
that was so extremely OMG depressing!!
i felt my whole holidays being doomed as soon as i saw
THE NAME on the LCD screen..
i was like "oh no.." *moves my hand across my throat*
the other 2 people were ok for me..
i am not naming them cos you'll know who XXX is..=P
but i was really really happy to see yik sheng in my group..
i really was, ok.. like a huge sigh of relief in me!
thank god for yik sheng! =)

right now, i am feeling paranoid..
what if XXX knows my number, e-mail or worst, my blog!
i might consider changing everything..
cos i wouldn't like to keep in touch with XXX after A Levels..
i am being mean.. but i do layan and tolerate XXX at times..
i don't think i can be friends with people like XXX forever!

so yik sheng, if you are reading this..
please try not to allow XXX to contact me! hehe..
this is my first time developing such dislike against people..
terrible thing to do, i know.. but i can't help it!

on a happier note..
camwhoring- sort-of session in the cafeteria!
since none of us were taking psychology or english lit..

the four of us.. can you spot the unknown photographer?

with pearly.. we look ok la! but the picture is blurred..

with ee ching.. we just posed like that out of a sudden.. =P

with shi wen.. my lovable college buddy..

my camera skills not bad hor? ^^

anyway, Happy Birthday to Ting once again..
hope you had a pleasant surprise last night! =)

ting's birthday at Italiannis

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