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Thursday, November 22, 2007

post AS

AS finals was over yesterday!!
*hyper hyper*

thinking that we could at least few days off..
but no, the joy was indeed short-lived..
cos A2 classes resumed today.. sigh..

we had intergration for maths..
god, but i still have plenty of catching up to do..
like 8 exercises of differentition?
long overdue - since August.. AHH!!
chem we did something on pH..
quite easy - for now.. hehe..
we learnt about neurons for bio..
it seems that we have done that in form5..
but i completely erased it from my memory..
so have to restore it back.. alamak!!

i guess most of have you heard of this..

i was supposed to go there with my girl friends tomorrow..
they have preview passes or something like that..
but i have class till 2pm and they are going at 11am..
no transport there.. so have to give up lor!! T.T
unless anyone else who is kind enough to teman me..
i don't mind going.. hehe..

The Amazing Race Asia: Season 2 a.k.a TARA2
will be aired 9pm tonight on AXN..
so don't miss it!! it's the first episode.. lol..

10 teams of TARA2

anyway, i think i am such a lousy person..
i haven't actually been hanging out in a mall for months!
missing out those interesting shows, food and fun..
friends have been recommending to go here and there..
but yet i ended up with nothing.. plain sad huh?

i really hope i get to go to..

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The Gardens Mid Valley

the newly constructed Sunway Pyramid

and taste the food served at



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