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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


i finally touched my laptop after 3 days..
what a feat!! haven't done that since god-knows-when..=P

2 more papers to go.. then MERDEKA!!!
but my next paper is in 12 days time.. long wait!
somehow i felt that AS finals is much more relaxing..
compared to SPM that is..i don't feel that stressed.. haha..
i can even watch drama series.. just imagine!

all these have banes of cos..
like my mum nagging me for sitting in front of
the stupid small box (laptop) and big box (tv) for long hours..
and shi wen asking me why i didn't finish my past years..
as i said before, i am very last minute person..
and i have always followed the malaysian timing..
so who to blame?
me!! for being a wonderful malaysian.. wth
hopefully it doesn't affect my results *cross fingers*

and thank you ting ting in advance!!
i will be at your house to enjoy Haagen Dazs ice-cream..
i will try to be there every week, so no worries! haha..

looking at ting's collection of new clothes..
it would be nice to be able to wear new clothes everyday..
365 days a year.. cool eh?
but i don't fancy that kind of lifestyle.. so i'll just admire! =)

anyway, i just bought a pair of 3-inch high-heels!!
i was quite reluctant cos i'll be taller than lots of people..
i don't fancy looking for people's dandruff you see..
plus the price is higher than what i usually pay for..
but since daddy said it was ok.. why not? haha..
in that heels, i was still 1 or 2cm shorter than my brother..
what a relief! at least i am not a giant in the family.. hehe..

i have eyed on several pairs of black heels..
but they don't have my size.. and it's really depressing..
so my next target is black high heels! XD

it's only the first week of the month,
bought daddy's present and i can see a hole in my pocket!
how can a tiny crocodile on a shirt cost that much?
but it's once a year and i spent more of his money..
so no biggie.. =)

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