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Sunday, November 11, 2007


we had a gathering at my cousin's bridal house last night..
was there from 7pm to 12am!!
there were lamb chop, chicken chop, fried chicken,
potato salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, sausages,
watermelon, some other yellow melon and cincau drink!
all those yummy home-cook food.. *drools*

and we gave my dad a surprise - birthday cake!!
i don't think he expected it..
cos it's so many days in advance.. haha..
and guess what the funniest part is?
he doesn't know how to blow the candle.. =.="""
can't blame him though.. it was his first time.. hehe..
we have never bought him a cake ma..
usually we just invite guests over for a feast..XD

other than chit-chatting and eating non-stop..
you wanna know what i did there?
temporary hair extension!!!

my new hairstyle.. lol..

cousin shannon did it as well..

so did cousin hwa..

how do we look?
don't you think we have nice curls? hehe..
it only took us less than 2 mins to achieve this look..
cool eh?


it's a wig!!! =P

just had dinner at kayu ara seafood restaurant..
the food there was ok, not as nice as before though..
and i was freezing.. T.T

oh, creamy knows that i'll blog about this next.. haha..
he asked the waitress for ice tea when refilling..
this came back to him..

how to drink ah?

so to show his dissatisfaction.. kononnya la..
he did this..

one plate of chili padi gone!

and people thought that i did it..
cos it was more to my side than his.. -__-
this cousin of mine really ah.. *shakes head*

anyway, i really had fun this two nights! =)

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