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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mini update!

i have been a very good girl you know..
listening to the doctors' advices..
stay at home to rest my foot, don't go jalan-jalan..
exercise my foot a little.. up, down, left and right..
but why la? my left heel still hurts! T___T

spent nearly all day at home..
all i did for the past few days were..
get my leg wrapped up like an ice-cream, a haircut - again?
get my spectacles fixed and lenses changed..
the power increased - thanks to my love for computer!
what else did i do? eat, sleep, face the computer and tv..

all these contribute to my weight gain.. =(
after my 3-weeks stint that made me lose some..
i gained them back while at home in a few days.. my god!

anyway, i got my conditional offer from IMU! XD
now i just have to wait patiently and pray hard..
so that i can get good grades for my A Levels.. *cross fingers*
and i can't wait to go out to jalan-jalan.. =P

something random here..
someone just told me that i am a tomboy.. yes ah?
anyone else think i am one? *wonders*
i would really like to know my image to others.. =)

please let my heel heal soon! *praysprays*

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