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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010.. =D

it's a brand new year people!!!
are you ready for new challenges and excitement?

so what was i up to during the first day of 2010?

my high school friends and i had a poolside countdown party!
lots of food, and i mean wayyy too much for us..
we had potluck and BBQ for new year's eve.. hehe..
it was a change of approach for this countdown..
no squeezing among crowds and getting sprayed in malls!

some of the party people! =)

we had a bird's eye view of fireworks displays around the city!

i spent my first half of 1 Jan 2010 in bed..
yes, i woke up only when the clock struck 12pm.. haha..
really gotta adjust my biological clock..
my Year 2 classes will start on Monday!
it's back to school for me~ *yay*

the second half of the day was slightly more productive!
6 gals got together in one kitchen..
and we baked cupcakes and cookies!
they are yummylicious! no joke~

doing what we do best.. haha..

some of our cupcakes.. amateur designs yo!

and finally *drumrolls* our cookie monsters!!! cute eh?

this is just a short post before i sleep..
plus check out my Chun's New Year post right here!
it has been up on time 3 years in a row!
always full of wisdom and encouragement..

anyway, have a great year ahead my dears! *hugsss*

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