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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Resolution: Fit and healthy

Graduation is exactly 6 months away and I am determined to be in good shape!

Target weight loss: 5kg
Target waist circumference loss: 3 inches
Target fit and healthy date: 7 November 2013

I am writing this down so that the world knows and will bug me to do it. =)

I have just started a 30-Day Challenge today, actually it's a 2-in-1.
Just the beginners push-ups and squats ones for home workout!
I chose this option rather than at the gym cos I'll be more likely to do it.
Cos gym will be pretty much inaccessible to me for the next 5 weeks.
I have been lacking exercise, so obviously I was panting by end of Day 1.
It'll get tougher, but I WILL COMPLETE the challenges!

Why do I chose to do it now you may ask?
I looked at myself at the mirror last night and my first thought was "oh shittt".
After my 3-weeks of feasting every meal during my trips,
every picture I see of myself is getting rounder and rounder.
And it just had to stop before thing get worse!
I told myself I have to start today and not wait till I have time.

I went through a few random blogs, friends' and friends of friends' included.
I am inspired by them and I just need to do this. 
I'll update my progress in 30 days time.
I know I can do this. Wish me luck! =)

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