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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Drill-Fill-Bill Class of 2013

Undergraduate exams are finally OVER!!

This calls for celebrations before results are officially released.
and I mean literally one event after another for consecutive days!

I breathed a sigh of relief and huge smile plastered on my face,
the very moment I walked out the door of the exam venue.
Countless late nights and early mornings especially the past month or so.
OSCE, research presentation and case presentations.
It's been a pleasure but you will not be missed. hahaha

Going through 5 years with my DT1/09 gang from IMU to Otago.
The ups and downs we experienced with each other were beautiful.

IMU-Otago, 5 years of friendship and counting =)

Left home for the first time to pursue further education in a foreign land.
Meeting and knowing new people and gain experience of survival.

My undergraduate pathway has been challenging yet unforgettable.
Everyone that I met throughout my journey, thank you very much!
Some just come and go, others made an effort to stay.
But everyone has definitely one way or another made an impact on me.

No longer a dental student but not yet a dentist.
I shall enjoy this transition period while it lasts. =)

Thanks for the memories, Otago BDS Class of 2013!

I really do hope we stay in touch and be in the lookout for each other for years to come.
Counting down to graduation day!!

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