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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just curious, why?

I have just came across random posts and I can't help to think about this.
It's about homosexuality. (Don't give me that look!)
I am writing it here cos no one actually reads my blog which is good. haha.

Homosexuality is not legally acceptable back home,
although same-sex marriage has been legalised here earlier this year.
But the thing is, each time I head home, I see more and more same-sex couples.
More lesbians than gays. You can actually tell that they are from uni-sex school.
And they are usually of high school age who usually show public display of affection.
They can't help but to fall in love with each other, I get it.

I have friends who are gays and lesbians, we know of it but we don't speak about it.
It can be quite a sensitive issue for some people.
I have no problems with homosexual people unless of cos they fall for me.
That I will freak out! But I don't think I have that kind of charm. haha.

Jokes aside. I am going to be a bit sexist labeling people as gay or lesbian ok?

You know how gay guys would date other gay guys?
Both of them are usually pretty similar.

They are exceptionally good looking (most of the times), 
they dress very well (whether like a gentleman or what we call very "metro"),
they are near perfect in presenting themselves - speaking or eating habits,
they are usually very well-groomed and neat,
they appear to be the best person you can b*tch with and confide to,
they are like the perfect guy for every girl, just that they are not meant for us.

There is one thing I don't understand and / or don't make sense.
How come lesbians aren't like that?
Both of them are usually the opposite.

One half would be more masculine and the other half is feminine.
So the feminine one would be a typical girly girl usually.
The more masculine one would dress, walk, talk, act exactly like a guy,
trying to fit in with the bros and usually hang out with a bunch of guys.
I have not personally seen a pair masculine looking lesbians together.
And maybe only a handful pairs of feminine looking lesbians in my lifetime.

Masculine looking lesbians couples would be a bit weird I reckon.
Cos it technically means you are attracted to a guy, and that you want to be a guy too.
I think for me, a most ideal lesbian couple would be two very feminine ladies.
You know how some girls make a remark upon seeing another really hot female?
"I would totally turn lesbian for her" - physical attraction comes first here.

My question is: why would a girl turn lesbian for a girl who looks exactly like a guy?
I am really curious. Why why why, tell me why!
That has been in my mind and got a little annoying, hence the post.
Some day I hope to be enlightened, really.

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