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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why can't you be like me?!

Have you ever had moments where you want to slap someone just right then?
I just did today!!! It's so annoyinggg.

I am usually a pretty patient and happy-to-accommodate person.
But one's patience has its limits, and I am sure my limit is quite high.
So for me to have the urge to slap someone, after rolling my eyes of cos is like WOW!

I know that I like to do things my way and systematically.
Call me a perfectionist, I know. I will even try to make every minute detail perfect.
When things don't go my way, I'll voice it out and make sure it's heard. Oh yeah~
But if changes are needed, I will try to accommodate so that everyone's happy.

When I have a deadline for something, I will get it done well by then.
I will stay up late all night if I have to.
I will bug people if I need to.
I will go mountain high and ocean deep , as long as I get the work done.
And I mean done right and on time, you can take my word for it!

So I really don't get when some people just can't seem to do that.
Nobody is perfect, I know. 
How about trying your best to be as close to perfect as possible?
I don't freaking care if you aren't as efficient or as organised as I am.
I really don't, cos it's your life and your problem.
But if messed up my so-called perfectionism, you are going down man.

Why is it so difficult just to do your part?
It's not like we chose you to, you volunteered to do so.
But yet when I gave you a time limit, you missed it.
Never mind if it's wayyy past deadline, at least better late than never right?
But after rounds and rounds of bugging, you've finally submitted it.
Guess what? You submitted it but information is W.R.O.N.G.
Well done, really, well done.

I am trying my best to be a team player here.
You don't even try to put in an effort to be part of the team.
How do you expect me to work with you?
You are not the only one who is busy you know.

You should be thankful you weren't seeing me face-to-face.
Cos you would have seen my happy-turned-"du lan" face.
The angel in me disappeared and all hell broke lose.
I didn't get to say WTF to your face, 
but my poor friends had to listen to my rantings. Thank you friends!

I will cool down after going to bed soon.
But if the application is not approved, trust me, I will be madder than I am now.
You just wait and see. You better pray hard it will be approved!

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