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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Final Semester: Life as a Dental Student

We've just ended our last break of student life.
In less than 10 weeks, I'll be sitting for my finals and *poof* I will qualify as a DENTIST!

Like finally, after 5 long years! Can you believe how time flies? @.@
I've just walked down the memory lane, and read my previous post.

Some of you might have known that I did a credit transfer to Otago.
The past 2.5 years (nearly) had been an eye-opening journey for me!
Staying in a student city is a whole new experience altogether.
I've meet people from various countries, know more about fellow Malaysians,
party hard, study harder and acclimatize to the weather and environment.
Practically everyone else here experience the same as I do, so no complains!

The pool of patients we see at dental school are probably the most amazing ones.
They can just sit there with their mouths open for hours;
don't mind spending their time waiting for tutors;
let you try different things (even though it is your very first time doing so);
they understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process;
and ever so willing to go through the tedious process like repeating an impression.
When I say they, I meant most of the patients, and I will miss them dearly.
There are obviously the odd ones that can be very nasty and expect perfection.

As students, or even as qualified clinicians, we would definitely give our best try.
No qualms about that, at least if we are talking about me. hehe
But there are times where no matter how hard we try, things don't go our way.
I am sure everyone of us would have experience times like that. No?
So please, be more understanding the next time you are on the dental chair! =)

Though one thing I don't get, doctors tend to get more leeway than dentists. How come?
I guess I'd worry about these things later in the year, 
especially in terms of patients' perception of a newbie dentist. haha.

At least I can say I've had some experience in:
Scale and polish. Checked.
Simple fillings. Checked.
Complex fillings. Checked.
Root canal treatments. Checked.
Dentures. Checked.
Crowns. Checked.
Implant treatment planning. On-going.
Bridge. ??? only done it on a simulation model. =S

For now, my last hurdle as a final year student, I need to stay focus.
Completing my research project, case presentation, all my patient cases,
study smart and hopefully ace my finals and JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

Gonna end this post with a picture of an upper gold onlay I did earlier this year.
It has gotta be my happiest moment when it sat perfectly in my patient's mouth.
After numerous attempts in placing temporaries and taking equigingival impressions,
I was very pleased with the end results. That satisfaction. =D

I present to you the masterpiece.. TADAAA~ 

Wish me luck for the rest of the year people! =)

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