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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wu Chun came to KL!!!

hey people~ i am back!!! =)

a week ago was "14 Blades" movie promo in KL..
it was a memorable Sunday, 7 February 2010~
i drove all the way to Pavillion, just to see him!
with the guidance of Yun Xin of cos.. hehe..

it was my very first drive in KL itself..
usually i am around the PJ area, so it's an accomplishment!
i never liked KL roads, always jam and usually one way streets..
but Chun has gave me the courage to do so.. =P

since we arrived way earlier than the scheduled 3pm..
we had pancakes and waffles for lunch.. pretty filling!

Xin with her food.. =)

a pic with my partner in crime for Wu Chun related events~

the stage.. directly opposite the famed Pavillion staircase..

Chun's van finally arrived after like 40 minutes of waiting!

director Daniel Lee, Chun and emcee Royce

closer view but blurred.. Chun seemed slimmer than last time?

constant interaction with lucky fans..

it was insanely packed that day.. just imagine 4 floors of this!

Chun says "Gong Xi! Gong Xi!"

the bestest part of the day (mind my English)..
was when Chun waved at Xin and myself! =DDD
he was looking, smiling and waving directly at us..
it was definitely a mesmerizing moment to remember!
no picture or video cos i was too busy smiling and waving back!

no, i am not exaggerating..
we were at the side of the stage and mostly were adults around us..
like as in uncle aunties or those with kids..
and everyone was holding a camera, snapping or videoing away..
so was i, but Xin was waving to get his attention for at least 2 mins!

then when he finally turned towards our side of the stage,
we waved together, only the both of us..
as others were still busy with their camera..
Chun totally waved back at us lor!!! *hyper hyper hyper*

the rest they say were history.. ok, not exactly..
check out my video for the rest of the details!

Xin said Chun waved at her again when he entered his van..
cos she was standing next to his van at first,
while i was standing along the line, waiting to film him exiting!
but Xin was pushed right to the back of the van by fanatic Chillies..
yes, they hogged the sides of the van while screaming..
no one except her, was behind the van.. *didn't call me*

out of the blue, he looked back after entering his van..
Xin waved at him and obviously he waved back!
lucky her~ i call it her very first birthday gift from a celebrity! =P

anyway, just to end this post with a short video..
my very first time editing a video too.. haha.. enjoy!

oh, Happy Chinese New Year to all! =)

p/s: Chun blogged today too~ check it out here! weee~

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