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Saturday, September 12, 2009

my 2nd week of September~

this week i was less busy, as in less classes to attend..
but i am fully loaded with assignments..
two is down, another two more to go! must finish by mid-week ok~

there were some pretty interesting stuff this week..
some of you may already know, Phoenix got 4th place in badminton..
we tried to kick some ass, but didn't make it..
oh well~ there's always next year to nail it.. hehe..
we can start training after EOS 2 and BDS 1!
btw, a girl from the winning team dislocated her elbow in the finals!

this week's Make A Difference (M.A.D.) events were pretty happening..
it's like an IMU Arts Festival were students participate in events like
photography, drawing, dance, music, speech, video-making etc..

have a look of the winning team from dance category, Masquerade..
one of them is Ai Ling, who taught us fan dance back in SMKBU!
they have pretty cool dance moves alright.. enjoy~

next is Music Appreciation.. no competition, just entertainment!
i think from our batch there were 2 teams:
Melissa's group and Carcinoma (yes, you saw it correctly)..
but i am gonna show you a clip of one of my OOs singing..
enjoy the 6 in 1 song by Kyan and Daniel!

now in another note, Bite and Impression Registration session!
this is our second time doing so.. and pictures as promised.. hehe..

we have to take the impression on each other using alginate..
Suet Yen is the operator, Eka is the patient and i am the assistant!

this is the leftover of the alginate mix..

how is it done? we added water into the powder..
stir quickly and steadily it until it's creamy and soft..
it changes colour from purple to pink then white as in hardens..

then we need to remove the impression from the mouth..
compare it with the teeth, wash and disinfect it.. no pictures for this!
and head down to the dental lab to make the mould..

most of us ended up with alginate all over our mouth like Pei Jie.. =P

the dental lab was pretty chaotic at that time.. lol..

Kai Shang attempting to pour the stone mix into the tray..

the vibrator is there to get rid of bubbles in the first layer..

end up with something like my maxillary and mandibular stones!

Sam placing some powder for plaster mix into the rubber bowl..
appropriate amount of water and powder is needed for all our mixes!

after that we'll put a lump of plaster mix on the tile..
invert the tray and place the dried stone mix on the top..

as the stone is settled down, remove the tray from the models..
this step requires patience, strength and determination.. hehe..

and it's time to trim and polish the models like Chong Dee..

please keep your fingers and teeth model away from the machine..
a safe distance at least, like what Je Haw is doing..

after everything is done, we pose and smile with our models! =)

ok, this is last of the triology of this blog post..
make sure you have already eaten alright.. don't say i didn't warn ya~

090909 was my parents' anniversary..
so we headed to Bavarian Bierhaus in The Curve for dinner..
it was my very first time trying out German food!

the menu cover.. thank god my dad was paying the bill.. =P

the ambience was not bad.. just a little too dark for my liking..
and there was no air-cond for that matter.. only fans leh~

they had really nice decorations on the walls though..

i ordered 6 in 1 Pentathlon Pace smoothie *yum yum*, consist of:
plain yogurt, peach fruit, ice-cream, apple, honey and orange juice!

my drink tasted better than my brothers'..
they had sour ice-blended Peach and Raspberry respectively.. hehe..
no beers for our family despite the on-going Happy Hour!

we had Sausage Platter.. 6 types of sausages grilled to perfection!

Crispy Roast Pork Knuckles with a freaking knife stuck at the top..

Barbeque Baby Pork Rib.. this is lovely! i want moreee~

and finally Gordon Blue.. it's stuffed with cheese and ham inside!

that's all for now.. i have a lotttt to revise.. wish me luck! =)

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