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Friday, September 18, 2009

birthday update

very quick update here.. it's my birthday today! =)

the pump attendent at the petrol station flirted with me..
i was shocked! like seriously no joke~
it's something difficult to digest so early in the morning!

the speeches from my friends were terrifying~
i know i look mature for my age..
and they just had to emphasize on that! sigh..
but it's ok.. not that i haven't heard of it ever before..
at least i'll still look as young when i am older.. =P
thank you anyway, i appreciate that!

i had 1/2 the auditorium singing birthday song for me..
a bit malu la but it was a nice feeling~ hehe..
i heard different versions of the song after that..
my IMU friends are a bunch of talented people.. that's for sure!

played bowling with the girls.. i sucked big time but it was fun~

it was just play, play, play today.. hehe..
only classes till noon without revising anything!
i had Wellness Appraisal till around 5.30pm..
which further confirmed how unfit i am.. *shakes head*
the test should have been done when i was practicing badminton!

i was stuck in the jam for 2 freaking hours with Mae Yee..
we had a good laugh, talk and man-hunting session alright!
thank god she was there with me.. *winks*

anyway, thanks a bunch to well-wishers out there~
from sms to calls, blogs to facebook and face-to-face encounters!
thanks for making today a memorable day..

not forgetting the presents and cards.. *hugs*

it's MY day, they said.. =)

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