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Sunday, October 4, 2009

mini update!

hey people! sorry for the lack of updates..

i am facing major exam stress right now..
it'll be starting on Tuesday and consecutively every 2 weeks!
it's like so many things to cover, so little time given~
and we are having lots of unrelated to exam stuff to do..
i just don't get why they can't wait till after the exams?
or may be extend the semester? this semester is only 12 weeks..

we have like 5 assignments to complete in the span of one month..
2 written assignments, 1 video, 1 presentation and 1 report!
not to forget private and government dental clinic visits,
dental laboratory visit and a forum by invited speakers..
all of this a week before exams and during exam week.. T___T

oh, i resat for my CPR practical exam yesterday..
apparently i failed 1 scenario which is for the unconscious child..
and the best part is i don't remember doing anything wrong last time!
so woke up at 7.15am, left at 8am, drove 25km to uni..
to do a practical which took me around 3 minutes to do and complete..
i arrived home at 12.30pm, so tired and i slept after that..
now i really want to pass it or i'll be speechless!!!

nway, most of you must be wondering why i privatised my blog..
nothing much actually, something triggered it.. hehe..
might consider publicizing it again in the near future..
just in case my Chun drops by.. haha.. *whacked*

just to share with you my top most viewed posts of all time..
the top 3 especially has 3-digits daily hits.. =)
and that's before i privatised this blog of mine.. hehe..

1) Miss World 2007
2) Semester 1: Life as a Dental Student
3) Trip to Bukit Gambang Resort City, Kuantan
4) My Poor Left Hand
5) It's About Time.. =P
6) Golf & Mike
7) IMU Orientation Week 2
8) Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat

that's all for now.. will be back soon, i hope! XD

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