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Saturday, October 10, 2009

my Chun turns 30!!!


remember the previous birthday post i blogged for you?
this time we'll try with a new concept..
30 minutes of videos to commemorate the big leap you are taking!
although it is not my own effort, i took time to compile it..
the happy and memorable moments for your 2009 journey~ ^^

this is you and the rest of Fahrenheit promoting your 3rd album,
Love You More and More / 越来越爱 released on 16 January 2009
on GTV's 100% Entertainment / 娱乐百分百..

enjoy this MV.. Chun, i have to say bravo!
your chinese improved and you look extremely hot in there~

your 3rd Japanese single Only You released on 18 March 2009..
i don't understand it though.. haha.. but it sounds cool~

then on 28 March 2009, you had your first concert in Malaysia..
i was there of cos, the second concert i have been in my entire life!
refresh your memories by reading the post..

the concert was a blast and it even appeared on the news!
i was jealous, so were the other die-hard Chillies (Chun's fans)
when you held that fan girl's hand during the concert..
you were the only one who held hands throughout the song,
bringing her around the stage and letting her sing..
how i wish i had that chance too! =P

you look adorable and blending into the stage backdrop..
singing my favourite cute song Little VIP/ 小小大人物.. =)

and you showed your macho-ness while playing the Taiko drums..
i remember screaming at the top of my lungs then.. *swoons*

your baby - Fitness Zone, opened it's second branch in Brunei..
i told my friends before that i will only join any gym
if you open a branch in KL, or better still in Petaling Jaya!
this is you giving your speech during the opening ceremony~

how can anyone not love you?
although you are celebrity, you are pretty down to earth..
taking your time to interact and take picture with your fans,
accepting their gifts and posting them up on your blog,
giving encouragement and advices as usual.. lovely!

i'll bug my friends from Brunei to take me for a visit..
i shall take picture with your cars and the number plates..
the stunning Ferrari B88 and the sporty Subaru BV1010..
hopefully can meet you too! =P

Fahrenheit members each released a photobook on 4 Sept 2009
your is titled My Journey / 我的旅程..
100 pages per book with passages and notes written by you..
i can't wait for it to be sold here in Malaysia!

they say life starts at 30.. enjoy the journey my Chun! *hugs*

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