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Friday, December 11, 2009

Mekong Build 2009: Cambodia (Part 3)

Day 4 of build (Thursday, 19 Nov 2009)

during our days at the build site, lunch breaks were anticipated..
we get to run away from the UV rays from the sunlight,
dust that fly into our eyes and noses - no thanks to the wind..
sit under the shade and enjoy that one hour!

sometimes we get to see people slump onto the tables..
taking a rest after hours of hard work..

but i usually do some shopping with Mel and Giana here!
these stalls are set-up by villagers from nearby..

the kids surrounding Giana to sell her some goods

these kids are always yelling "2 for 1 dollar"
then they'll show their puppy-cute face..
there was once i heard "4 for 1 dollar".. pretty desperate huh?

some of the souvenirs sold..

after the walls are up, it was time for the roof..
the work is done by skilled workers and experienced volunteers..
we don't want any accidents or leaky roof!

the metal bars are up..

skilled workers placing the zinc roof..

there was actually a roof model right behind the houses..

house leaders and members need to follow the guidelines provided..
the gaps, the thickness and height were discussed during meetings..
this is to ensure all houses have the standard design.. =)

for people like me, who are not much help for the roof..
we do the painting - with bright yellow oil-based paint!!!

Min Tze and local youth volunteers painting the window shutters..

Phally, myself and Larraine painting our doors..

i climbed and sat on the scaffold to do the paintwork!

Day 5 of build (Friday, 20 Nov 2009)

dried shutters and doors were placed back to their original places..

the thick coat of paint has constricted some of the holes..
so it gave us some trouble while fixing them on..
we had to match them correctly as the holes had different diameters!

the kitchen table and the sink were also set up..
notice the bricks below? i laid them, pretty eh~

the guys carried the extra bricks to the back of the houses..

ladies helped the cleaning, seen here are my home owners!

it was picture time after everything was done
and while waiting for the house dedication ceremony to commence..

happy family of house no. 8!

with my neighbours next door.. the Kiwis!

youth volunteers from house no.8..

with some international and local youth volunteers..

up next is the house dedication ceremony..
it's a simple yet meaningful ceremony for all of us..
the home-owners, volunteers and staff members..
it's like the highlight of the week!

we had a performance by famous Cambodian deejay, DJ Khlaing
together with his unnamed best friend..
they wrote and sang a song specially for this Mekong Build 2009!
all volunteers were supposed to get a free CD of it..
but i have yet to received it.. it's a great song! enjoy~ =)

the ribbon cutting ceremony led by our house leader, Albe..

the key presentation ceremony.. happy-face It Noy!

the blessing ceremony where all of us threw flower buds
to the new-homeowners.. and released birds to signify freedom,
and most likely a new beginning for them..

both home owners and volunteers gave a 2 minute speech..
with the help of a translator of course..
you could see tears from both parties after that!

thinking back of all of beaming faces at that time..
it was indeed a moment to savour!

with my family: Vanneth, It Noy, Thavy and Phally..
they have like another 4 more family members staying here!

Mel and i took pictures with Paul and Aileen Munn plus Vanneth!

they are an Australian couple actually bought this piece of land..
where Sra Pra Village with these 21 houses are built on..
it all started 4 years ago, when they were visiting the dumpsite..
Paul who has polio since birth, fell from the tuk-tuk he was on..
2 boys rush to the scene and helped to carry him up..
one of them was my home owners' son, Vanneth..
their kindness touched Paul's heart..
and he was determined to find a new place for the families there!

we had big feast at the build site for dinner..
the food catered were pretty scrumptious.. =)

the Kiwis also performed their Hakka dance..
it was funny to see the guys striping of their shirts on stage!

that's all for now.. wait for the final part! *jeng jeng jeng*

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