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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mekong Build 2009: Cambodia (Part 4)

this is the final part of my trip to Cambodia..
where you'll find the juiciest details.. ok, not really~
but my posts are always interesting, can't deny that! =P

this time around, i have pictures of encounters with celebrities..
and the mastermind of this project as well..
not forgetting some of our activities away from the build site!
excited?? so here goes~

the very first celebrity i met was Leakhena..
apparently she's a very famous Cambodian actress..
who was at my house on the 1st day for less than 2 hours!

at first, i had no clue who she was..
i was wondering why on earth would someone wear make-up,
a short skirt and ballerina pumps at the build site?
her job was to place cement on the bricks and that's it..
and kept on being photographed and videoed a lot!!
i only knew about her celebrity status 30 minutes later.. =.=

Leakhena, who also worked at house no.8 and myself

next is a well-known Cambodian hip-hop deejay..
he spoke really good English.. no qualms bout that!
and thank us for our willingness to help his people..
he even wrote and sung a song specially for this project..
you can see part of it in my previous post.. =)

with DJ Khlaing who sported a Beckham-styled hairdo

there was a table full of celebrities on the 5th day..
they made their presence felt and came to give support..
heavy make-up, blonde hair-ish, mini skirt and high heels??

they should have been more modest like Daniel Wu..
yes, that Hong Kong heart-throb..
he was helping out in Sichuan, China for the same cause!

Daniel Wu photographed here lining the bricks.. *swoons*
credits to Flickr

there were others like Jet Li, Karen Mok, John Abraham
at various sites along the Mekong region..
ranging from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China as well..

but i bet none of them caused a scene like this!

yes, the mastermind behind this project have arrived!
although it was just a short 30 minutes visit for them,
we had to leave our hotel earlier.. at 6am!!!

they are none other than former US President and First Lady,
Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn of course!

posing for pictures with members of house no.8, 10 & 12

the nice and quiet scene turns chaotic again as they leave!
all of us will start snapping pictures as they wave goodbye..

with local youth volunteers.. our mission accomplished!! =)

now, apart from all these excitement..
interesting stuff did happen away from the build site..

such as meeting up with Chhay's best friend Eav..
we had ice-cream at KFC yo!!! they have no McD's there..

we also camwhored after dinner at Titanic Restaurant..
and eventually missed the bus back to the hotel!

we went to a roadside stall opposite the palace.. BUGS anyone??

Heang Siv and Melissa tried them.. crickets were tasty apparently!

room service that serves spiders, crickets and silkworms.. o.O

and of course, we tried delicious meal of red/green curry..
before we depart Phnom Penh.. *yum yum*

we bought souvenirs for Habitat For Humanity Malaysia too!
they should be hanging on the office walls right now.. hehe..

so i guess, that's all folks!
i shall leave you with a tour around the house i helped to build..
loved the experience and i can't wait to get back!
i am missing the wonderful friends i have made.. =)

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