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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Plastic Princes ♥

drama fever has came back to me during the holidays!
i haven't been keeping myself up-to-date, being a bit picky lately. haha
but after watching one drama after another, i can't help but to drool over these pretty boys!

yes, i am actually blogging about this after nearly half a year of absence!
call me shallow, simple-minded, superficial or whatever. i do not care. =P

i shall call them Plastic Princes, not au naturale.
their God-given natural looks were good to begin with.
further enhancements done under the knife made them aesthetically pleasing!
i've short-listed a few of my favourite Plastic Princes in no particular order. 
sit back, relax and be blown away~ =D

 Jung Il Woo

first saw him in My Fair Lady, didn't really noticed him then.
my love for him escalated in 49 Days and The Moon That Embraces The Sun!
he was just so-so in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop tho.
he's acting was really good, can't wait to see more of him!

Lee Min Ho

everybody knew him from Boys Over Flower, so did i.
i didn't really fancy him then cos of his ridiculously curly hair.
liked him slightly better in Personal Taste despite the storyline.
City Hunter was like the major culprit, he was cool as!
i recently found out he's been best buddies with Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum.

Kim Hyun Joong

he was definitely my favourite F4 member in Boys Over Flowers,
even more so after he cut his hair short! *heart melts*
move on to Playful Kiss where he was the main male lead.
only realized he was from SS501 after a while,
i even took picture with a life-size cardboard picture of him in The Faceshop!

No Min Woo

my heartbeat got really fast when i first saw him in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!
hands down won me over Lee Seung Gi *sorry die-hard fans*
he's beauty was even more than Shin Min Ah at times, really.
still contemplating whether i should give Midas and Full House 2 a try?
he's acting was superb in Rock! Rock! Rock! too.
i am not exactly the rocker girl, but i survived the entire drama. =)

so there goes my list of favourite Plastic Princes.
they are just eye candies to release me from the hectic reality.
a bit far fetched but at least they make me happy! haha

for me, guys like them are only to look, never to own. don't you think so? =P

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