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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merdeka 2014

4th Merdeka away from home, I feel a little bit more patriotic.
Haven't been needing to identify myself by race, but just simply "I am Malaysian".

We probably could learn a thing or two from our neighbour down south,
not that they are always better.
Came across a speech by Singapore's first President Yusof Ishak:
"No man need feel to belong to a particular religion puts him at a disadvantage
or gives him an advantage. This is how things are in Singapore
and this is how things will always be in our country. Only in this way 
will a multicultural society like Singapore can live in peace and harmony."
I believe this was what our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman
and his troupe had in mind when they paved way for our independence.

I longed for the day that Malaysia would just be the same.
Can you imagine that on top of melting pot of cultures and our amazing variety of food?
We would be unstoppable then.
Perhaps one day when Malaysians of my generation are leading the country?
I hope children of our children will be able to experience that too.

One person's thought may not make much of a difference,
but many people with the same thought may contribute to the gradual changes
till the outcome we desire. This is something to ponder about.

Happy blessed 57th Merdeka my fellow Malaysians! =)

P/S: Check out Tunku's 1957 Merdeka speech read by fellow Malaysians here
        Listen till the end! 

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